You’re ready to move onto the next phase of your life. You’ve found the perfect property and are ready to build your new house. You have a vague idea of what your home should look and feel like, but you can’t translate your ideas into lines on paper to create drawings for contractors to build and building departments to permit.

Building a home or doing a major remodel/addition to a home is something you’ll only do a few times in your life so you may not have the experience to pull it off on your own. Jessalyn Friske of Remnant Architecture is a trained architect that has worked on many residential projects throughout her career.

When you work with Remnant Architecture, we start with getting to know you and your goals for your new home or renovation/addition. We’ll work through cycles of us designing, and you giving us input, as the design goes from conceptual to detailed. At the end of the design process you will have drawings for contractor pricing and permitting. During construction, we are there to answer any questions you, your contractor, or the inspectors might have.

If you’re ready to get started on the design of your home contact us to discuss your project.