Buying A Stock House Plan Vs. Having A Custom Plan Design For You

There are lots of websites that sell house plans. Perhaps you are in a hurry to get your house built so you want to get a pre-made plan to get started with construction soon. Or maybe when you started looking at house plans online, you found the perfect one for you.

But others may not see the exact design they want for their house online. The house plan you want may not fit inside your lot. You might have a lot more suited for a walk-out basement, but the house design is for a flat site (or vice-versa). The main level plan could be just right, but you want a second story as well. Or you need to rework the closet, bathroom, or kitchen layout. Or add a few feet to the living room or bedroom.

There are lots of products you can buy in stores that you can use just as they come. However sometimes you need to make some modifications, like hemming some pants to the right length. But there comes a point where the modifications are more complicated than making something from scratch.

When you start changing the room sizes, you will effect the roof line. If you add higher ceilings, you will need more stairs. Some seemly subtle changes have a domino effect. If you are not careful, the design can seem pieced together and not cohesive.

Another thing to consider when buying a stock house plan is if the drawings are tailored to your local building codes. Are the walls and ceilings thick enough to fit the required amount of insulation? Is the structure strong enough for your local snow and wind loads? If you live in a historic district or have an home owners association, would the design meet those requirements? Are the exterior materials appropriate for your local climate?

Stock house plans you buy online are priced at a lower price than a custom house plan because stock plans are designed to be sold multiple times. A custom plan will be used just once, for you, because it is designed around your specifications.

If you think a custom from scratch plan would work best for you, then Remnant Architecture can help you design your home.

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